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The Anaheim Ducks celebrated 20 years of hockey on Sunday with a very special Throwback Night against the Ottawa Senators. No one from Sunbelt Hockey Journal attended the historic event, but I was able to watch the contest on my laptop via NHL Gamecenter Live. Here are a bunch of screenshots I took of the game:

ducksthrowback ducksthrowback1 ducksthrowback2 ducksthrowback3 ducksthrowback4 ducksthrowback5 ducksthrowback6 ducksthrowback7 ducksthrowback8 ducksthrowback9


ducksthrowback10 ducksthrowback11


ducksthrowback12 ducksthrowback13 ducksthrowback14


ducksthrowback15 ducksthrowback16ducksthrowback17 ducksthrowback18ducksthrowback19ducksthrowback20 ducksthrowback21 ducksthrowback22 ducksthrowback23 ducksthrowback24 ducksthrowback25 ducksthrowback26

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