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We’ve been looking at the 2012-13 Charlotte Checkers this week. I gave you a general overview and a breakdown of the defense. Today we look at the goaltending, so I asked John Muse to give us an update.

Mr. Muse signed a one-way contract on June 7th with the Carolina after a stellar season with the Checkers and Florida Everblades (ECHL).

The 23-year-old completed his first full professional season in 2011-12, splitting the year between Charlotte and Florida. Muse was 10-3-2 with a 1.81 goals-against average and a .941 save percentage with the Checkers and 16-6-3 with a 2.42 goals-against average and .920 save percentage for the Everblades. The ECHL Everblades captured their first Kelly Cup in May and the tendy was named MVP. Stick tap to you Mr. Muse.

The Moose joins veteran Justin Peters and newbie Rob Madore. Mr. Madore signed a two-way AHL contract on July 17th.


There’s your appetizer Carolina fans, here’s your main course…aka…John Muse:

Where did you spend your summer?

I was in Boston and the Cape for the summer. I would spend the week training in Boston and then head home to the Cape for the weekends.

What was your off-season training program?

Throughout the summer I worked out 5 days a week and skated 2-3 times a week. My off ice training consisted of weight lifting for an hour and running for an hour each day, as well as stretching 2-3 times a day. My on ice training consisted of skating for an hour with my goalie coach, Mike Buckley.

You definitely gained the respect of Carolina fans last year, what can fans expect from The Moose this year?

I have a great deal of confidence in myself that I can continue to help win games wherever I am playing this season and I will continue to work as hard as possible in order to gain the confidence of my teammates, coaches, organization, and our fans.

What do you think is the greatest strength of the Charlotte Checkers going into this season?

The Checkers have a roster full of good young players with experience. As a result, we have the ability to be very successful this season.

Who does your goalie mask art?

I use a company called ProMasque, which builds my helmets and then paints them. I have been using them for about 6 years now and have always done a great job for me.

How did you celebrate with the Kelly Cup?

After we won it, we spent a lot of time bringing her around the Fort Myers area as well as spending a weekend down at Fort Myers beach. It was awesome seeing the joy it brought to all the fans who had the chance to run into us while we were celebrating. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it for a weekend this summer as it got lost in the mail on the way to me.

I find you quite entertaining on Twitter. How do you think social media has changed the fan/player relationship?

I think Twitter has really enabled fans to feel as if they have a more personal relationship with the players. Rather than just watching players beyond the glass, fans now have the ability to interact with whatever player they would like to one-on-one. I think players get the same enjoyment out of the player/fan Twitter relationship as it’s always nice to open up Twitter and see that fans have tweeted at you or retweeted you. I should probably mention that the majority of my tweets are written in a joking manner. I’d rather try to be entertaining with my tweets than let people know I’m brushing my teeth or doing laundry. I think some people take my tweets too seriously and it gets me into trouble sometimes.

Considering you have won championships at both collegiate and professional levels, what’s next on your checklist?

My ultimate goal is to win a Stanley Cup, but winning a Calder Cup is a goal of mine as well.

How did being named Kelly Cup MVP rank in your milestone hockey moments?

Obviously, it was a great honor to be named the MVP, but that paled in comparison to winning the Kelly Cup. There’s no better feeling than winning a championship, whether it be in college, the ECHL, or anywhere else.


Many thanks to Mr. Muse for taking the time to answer my questions and Mike Lappan (Checkers’ Director of Public and Media Relations) for facilitating.

As someone who lives in Raleigh, I don’t want any excuses for missing Checkers games! So, plan your Charlotte trips now and be at PNC Arena on January 6th for the Checkers versus Norfolk game.

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