As you may have heard, Yahoo’s Dmitry Chesnokov posted a story on Canes goalie Anton Khudobin that fans a little worked up.

Many (including myself) wanted to see Dobby’s comments in full context, so I got in touch with a good friend of mine who is from Russia and speaks the native language fluently.

He sent me a translation of the entire interview embedded above. Here it is:

Reporter: Congratulations on a good season and on being chosen to play for the National team (in World Championship in Belarus, beginning on May 9). We heard a lot about your feats in the NHL. How do you assess your season (with the Hurricanes)?

Khudobin: I started to play, then got injured, missed 3 months, then everything returned to normal.

Reporter: What do you mean by “returned to normal?” Has the coach started to trust you?

Khudobin: Yes, first and foremost coach trusted me. Of course I wanted to play and at the beginning of the season our coach told me “If you win games, you will play, if you don’t, someone else will play.” In January I had good stats even when we were losing games and the coach let me play.

Reporters: You got offers from the KHL many times but stayed “there” (in the NHL), even when you were a hopeless backup in Boston. What kept you there?

Khudobin: Who said “hopeless?”

Reporters: Hmmm… Well… I mean it is difficult to compete with and replace Rask.

Khudobin: The hope dies last (laughter).

Reporters: So, why did you stay in the NHL?

Khudobin: It is a dream. I wanted to play there and I knew I can play there. I got my chance to play in Carolina and thank God I used it.

Reporter: You and Pavel Datsyuk have the same agent, maybe Datsyuk gave you some–

Khudobin (interrupting): No! (As in they don’t have the same agent).

Reporter: You got a call to join the National team quite late, two days later than the others. Were you surprised?

Khudobin: Why surprised? I was glad!

Reporters: But they called you later.

Khudobin: I think it is up to coaches who to call and when to call. I just finished my season (in NHL), got a call and packed my things. I don’t care when they called me.

Reporter: Who called you?

Khudobin: Oleg Borisovich Kupriyanov (Sports Director of Russian National team) called me.

Reporter: I guess he knows you well from the time when you played for “Magnitka” (Metallurg Magnitogork).

Khudobin: Yes

Reporters: The biggest competition is usually in goal. Who do you consider your main competitor on Russian National team?

Khudobin: I think it is good when there is competition.

Reporters: Is Cam Ward still a good goalie?

Khudobin: Yes, of course he is a good goalie and they (Carolina staff) still count on him. It is up to them what to do with him this summer. Maybe he has already given everything he had and exhausted his potentialities.

Reporter: Maybe on this team (the Canes)?

Khudobin: Maybe on this team, maybe in his career. He has been playing in the NHL since he was 19 years old — quite long.

Reporter: What would you say about your colleagues (goalies) on the National team? What about Andrey Vasilevsky? He is only 19.

Khudobin: I just got acquainted with him. I’ve heard that he is young, good, a talented goalie and a modest guy.

Reporter: Some experts recall the time when you played for Atlant (during lockout) and you were not good enough there. What was wrong? Maybe big ice or something like that?

Khudobin: I think I played very well. Maybe sometimes something was wrong. And they always say if you come from the NHL you should work wonders in every game. Right? (Laughter)

Reporter: And now they will say the same. You came from the NHL, you were the best player in January over there.

Khudobin (smiling): You (reporters) will always say what you want to say.

Reporter: What are your plans for the nearest future? Where are you going to test yourself in some serious games?

Khudobin: What do you mean where? (I’ll play) in the coming games in Germany, in Finland and then it is up to coaches. If they decide to take me to the World Championship, I will test myself there.

Reporter: So there is no guarantee that you will be on the roster? They called you without a guarantee?

Khudobin: Do they ever call anybody with a guarantee?

Reporter: Does the best player in January (in the NHL) get any award or it is only a line in a newspaper?

Khudobin: No, I didn’t get anything. They just posted it on, and my teammates and staff congratulated me. And that was it.

Reporter: Thank you.

Khudobin: Thanks.


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