By Bill Vandermark, Staff Writer

Habitat for Humanity Event
Radio man for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Dave Mishkin, worked with other Lightning
employees helping to build a house for Habitat for Humanity this month. Having previously
taken part in the event, Dave thought he knew what he was in for having been assigned
to paint duty in a previous Habitat build.

This time, however, was a bit different. The entire group of the Lightning force was
to be put to work on the roof of the house laying shingles. Throughout the course of the
task, Dave helped lay the base layer of metal at the bottom edge of the room to serve
as a guide for the first row of shingles. Then moving sideways along the roof, the workers
and Dave began laying each individual set of shingles to be nailed in with six nails.

Over the course of the day, the group finished approximately 75% of the roof, which for a
bunch of amateur roofers, isn’t a bad day. And, after a break in the morning work, the future
homeowner joined them on the roof to help with laying the shingles.

Total Hockey becomes Lightning Partner
Growing hockey at any level is difficult and in the Sunbelt region, not the easiest thing to
do when you compete with warm weather outdoor sports. That’s why working with Total Hockey
will help at a complete grass roots level, down to the “green” of the grass. HockeyGreen, the
first effort between Total Hockey and the Lightning will involve a number of green initiatives
revolving around the game of hockey. All players who bring a broken composite stick to the
recycling program will receive a $10 credit for a new stick at Total Hockey. All the broken
sticks for the Lightning will be collected at practice and at the games. These collected sticks
will be used to develop more efficient ways to recycle the composite materials like carbon
fiber. As part of this collection, Total Hockey will be donating hockey equipment for local
youth teams and development programs. You can find more information about the recycling program

Tampa’s Downtown on Ice
The Tampa Bay Lightning will again participate in Tampa’s Downtown on Ice and help feature an
outdoor rink during hockey season. The rink, located at Curtis Hixon Riverfront park, is part
of an initiative to attract people to Downtown Tampa and make it part of a destination for the
holiday crowds.

Admission will be $10/person and includes an hour and a half skating and skate rental for those
who need it. You can also inquire about parties and group rates. And, for kids who are members of
Thunderbug’s Kids Club, there’s a $2 discount.

There will be a lot of great events at the rink throughout the season and the rink itself will
be open Mon-Thurs from 4 PM – 9 PM, Fri 4 PM – 10 PM, Sat 10 AM – 10 PM and Sun 12 PM – 9 PM.
For event information, visit

More Community Heroes Added
Six more Community Heroes have been added to the Lightning’s program.

Gus and Frances Stavros – Pinellas Education Foundation
The Pinellas Education Foundation was created by Gus and Frances to help improve educational
opportunities in Pinellas County Schools.

Ed Ross – Community Stepping Stones
Community Stepping Stones, an arts education center, aims to help youth in Sulphur Springs.
Ross, an adjunct professor at USF, volunteers there to help get kids off the street and away
from a dead end life path.

Dr. Edie Dopking – Quantum Leap Farms
Quantum Leap Farms was founded by Dr. Dopking to help serve civilians and veterans with
mental and physical disabilities by providing recreational and therapeutic horseback riding.

Don Campbell – Feeding Children Everywhere
Feeding Children Everywhere was started by Don and his wife Kristen shortly after the 2010
earthquake in Haiti. The mission is very simple, feed children all over the world.

Audrey Mabrey – Community Action Stops Abuse and Hands Across the Bay
The first Hero with two charities, Audrey was the victim of spousal abuse and now speaks out
to help potential victims understand and act on their situations before it is too late.

Jaylen Arnold – Jaylen’s Challenge
Jaylen’s Challenge addresses school bullying. A first hand recipient of bullying due to
Tourettes, Aspergers and OCD, Jaylen’s Challenge uses videos, teacher’s guides, wristbands
and personal appearances to help educate people on the effects of bullying.

There is one more nomination period open until January 15, 2013 so if you know someone who
is a Community Hero, head to to have them recognized.

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