Its been a wild and bumpy ride for not only Phoenix Coyotes fans but salivating hockey fans in markets such as Seattle and Quebec City. But after the June 2nd 4-3 vote in favor of the arena management agreement between the city of Glendale and the Renaissance Sports and Entertainment group (RSE), the Phoenix Coyotes looked to be staying in Arizona for the foreseeable future, given the approval of sale by the NHL Board of Governors.

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly recently told Fox Sports Arizona’s Craig Morgan that a BOG meeting and approval is expected to take place sometime this week.

The meeting marks one of the last major steps in the completion of the sale process of the Phoenix Coyotes. While fans wait for the Board of Governors’ ruling, another step has been cleared towards ownership.

Political group Glendale First! released a statement Monday claiming the signatures collected for a possible referendum were invalid due to multiple errors on the petition sheets. The proposed referendum was put forth by a committee headed by Glendale resident Ken Jones. Jones, who is no stranger to Coyotes fans has attempted referendums in the past involving previous agreements Glendale had with then prospective owners.

Monday’s press release comes as a major blow to Jones’ efforts to take the arena management agreement to public vote. Now having to recollect the signature already given, Jones will try to beat the clock as Friday’s deadline to turn in the required 6,956 valid signatures needed to push the referendum forward inches closer.

You can read the Glendale First! statement here.

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