(Ed. note: There were too many good commercials here to pick just five, so we’ve added a few more).

Another hockey season approaches, with all of the usual activities before October’s puck drop.  There are media days and training camps.  A brand new sheet of ice is made and painted as the latest merchandise head to teams’ shops.  But in San Jose, an extra point makes these frantic days before the pre-season more fun.  And that’s thanks to their annual commercials to announce ticket sale releases.

Silly, irrelevant and original, these commercials cut out the serious, dramatic features and focuses on the funny.  With the 2013-2014 season TV spot recently released, I decided to take a look back and provide my input on what I believe are the eight greatest commercials in Sharks history.

(The following selections are for TV commercials only.  As incredible as they are, the Sharks holiday videos are not included.)

8. Douglas Murray: great hockey player; not such a great masseuse.

7. Joe Pavelski the detective.

6. Patrick Marleau: The Swami.

5.  With a new season comes new commercials.  The latest for 2013-2014 season are fantastic, comparing and contrasting images of fan photos and fans at the Shark Tank with great plays from the players.  Out of all of the recent “This is Sharks Territory” releases, this gets my vote for the best focus on that theme.

4.  Most TV spots for a sports team focus on the sport itself.  But with the sellout streak at the SAP Center climbing to 200 games and league-wide recognition as one of the loudest rinks in the NHL, the Sharks let their fans do the talking.  The “obnoxious fan” rallies whoever happens to be near him at the time whenever he announces there is a game tonight.  My favorite is the following for the high drama at the beginning, overacting and appearance by Ryane Clowe.

3.  In 2006 and 2007, the NHL produced several “they are just like us, plus really good at hockey” commercials to connect with fans.  Per the Sharks usual method of going their own way, their take was to showcase how terrible their players were at “civilian” jobs…making the viewers glad they are better at hockey.

2.  And because the combination of odd jobs with terrible acting makes the “this player makes a lousy” great viewing, I had to choose another one.  This one lands a higher spot for the nod to aspects of the game and a lesson learned: never ask a hockey player for a check.

1.  While captain Joe Thornton’s ventriloquism leaves a lot to be desired, the following commercial wins for his puppet sidekick’s staying power.  Slappy has appeared in the Sharks’ holiday videos and is referred to in other commercials.  He even has own Twitter and Facebook accounts too.

What do you think of my choices?  Any of these your favorites?  Think there’s a commercial that should have been on the list?  Let me hear in the comments section!

About The Author

Michelle Timian fell in love with hockey after watching a game between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs in 2006 and has been following hockey ever since. She is a graduate of Western Illinois University with a degree in Creative Writing and is more comfortable in front of a keyboard than on skates. She also blogs for the New York Rangers at blueshirtsunited.com.