ASU’s Ryan Clark (Photo Credit: Michelle Hekle)

By Ed Chavez, Staff Writer

Vs. Oakland University

In Thursday night’s game against the Oakland University, ASU looked to avenge their post-season loss that was handed to them via the Grizzlies in the first round of last year’s playoffs.

Sun Devils would draw blood first as forward Kale Dolinski accepted a feed from Sean Ritchie, to put it past Grizzlies’ goaltender Corey Hrischuk. Oakland would remain scoreless through the first but found themselves back into the game as a shot that rebounded into the air off Devils’ netminder D’Elia’s chest came down and found it’s way to the back of the net courtesy of Grizzlies’ forward Anthony Coles.

Each team would light the lamp once more in the third before eventually taking it to a shoot out, where the Devils would come out on top as former USHL forward, Stephen Collins would go top shelf to finish off the Grizzlies.

Vs. Colorado University

Friday’s bout against Colorado University would feature the same excitement but lacked Thurday’s dramatic sudden-death overtime and shoot out.

Arizona State started the game sluggish as they found themselves in their defensive zone more times than usual this season. Having created good scoring chances and with plenty of rebounds in the latter half of the first, Colorado’s goaltender Bryan Ward would be tested but proven to be hard to beat for ASU.

Eventually solving the Junior Buffaloes goaltender, ASU’s Brian McGinty opened the scoring column with a pass from head Devil Colin Hekle.

After being outplayed for most of the game, Colorado would begin to show signs of fatigue and frustration with the Tempe squad. Having planted a number of questionable hits the boiling point would come late in the third when Arizona State’s Liam Norris was caught in between two Colorado players. Missing the call, officials would find the game increasingly heated as Buffaloes’ Bryan Ward would throw his stick into the mix after a goal by ASU’s Dolinski.

Arizona State’s Senior Ryan Clark would drive the final dagger into Colorado’s coffin with a goal that came with 10.7 seconds left in the game.

Arizona State would end the contest 6-1 over the Colorado Buffaloes; stretching their streak to 15-0 on the season. ASU is set to road trip it to Oklahoma next week to face off against Central Oklahoma (11/15) then two games against Oklahoma University (11/16-11/17). More info: – Follow ASU Hockey on twitter: @ASUD1Hockey

Game Notes:

  • Laim Norris would leave the bench after the huge hit and not return for the remainder of the game, trainers did mention he was okay.
  • Jordan Young did not dress for either game this week. Young, shaken up after a huge hit during the UofA game, sat out as a pre-cautionary measure but will return to the lineup for the team’s road trip to Oklahoma.
  • After this week’s series ASU now has 10 players on the roster who have hit double-digit point totals.
  • Despite being a Division 2 team, Colorado has been given the OK to make the jump to Division 1 starting next season.
  • Scoring on a shorthanded breakaway, captain Colin Hekle continues to lead the team with 16 goals and 27 points.
  • Dueling Netminders

    • This week’s game series was highlighted by it’s goaltenders. D’Elia got the start in Thursday’s game, only letting in 2 goals on 27 shots. Corey Frank would get the nod to play Friday night, only allowing one goal through three periods. Buffaloes’ goalie, Bryan Ward would also look stellar despite the final count. Doing his best from keeping the flood gates from opening completely, Ward stood on his head behind a team that looked lethargic coming into the second period.
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